Meet The Team

Len Hyde
Len Hyde
Len started the business thirty years ago as a student painter. He has grown the business over the years, developing and applying time-tested procedures to ensure customer satisfaction. Using his own talents in organization and efficiency, Len has put together the best team of workers. They can handle any project, big or small, even radioactive ones. They have become the most capable team, one trusted by property managers and business owners across the city.
Len Hyde
Chris Larocque
Project Manager
Len met Chris Larocque when he was working on a big project, and producing the highest quality results. Not only is Chris an expert painter, he is truly a stellar human being. He goes out of his way to make sure customers are satisfied, problem-solving on the spot to clear up any concerns. We have never had any complaints on his jobs; on the contrary, customers rave about his courteous and cheerful attitude. When you say Chris Larocque, you are saying Quality at its best. His specialties include condominium projects, high rise buildings, swing stage and boom truck work, and residential work.
Len Hyde
Mario Gagné
Mario “the bigger the job the better” Gagné came to the team through a friend of a friend who told Len about a painter looking for work. That first day, he painted circles around everyone else. He rolled the walls with such energy we thought he was going to knock the walls down. To this day he constantly uses his skills and talent to get jobs done faster and more efficiently. Mario means production and efficiency. Mario’s specialties include condominium projects, high rise buildings, auto and parking garages, commercial and construction projects, car dealerships, epoxy coatings, swing stage and boom truck work. In other words, big and difficult jobs.
Len Hyde
Dan Auger | Rocco Paquette
Carpentry and Caulking Experts
Dan and Rocco have been on the team for about twenty years. They provide expertise when it comes to carpentry and caulking. Dan is the best caulking installer, which is a demanding job. Dan is also a jack-of-all-trades: we never have an unhappy customer on Dan’s jobs, as he uses his talents to deal with any issue that may come up. Dan Auger is precision and quality, whether in carpentry, caulking, or painting.

Highly skilled and motivated, Rocco specializes in production and organization for major carpentry jobs. In addition to carpentry, his specialties include condominium projects, high rise buildings, caulking and painting.
Len Hyde
Tim August
Painter / Trainer
Tim has been part of the team since almost the beginning. He keeps everything running smoothly by providing top notch support to team members. He is also in charge of training for new members of the team.
Len Hyde
Marc Mathieu
Painter / Detail Specialist
Marc has been with us for about ten years. His specialty is in high quality, detailed jobs that require patience and skill. Whether it is a condominium project, residential, small business, drywall repair, stipple repair, or high quality painting, Marc is the one to have on your team.