Interior Painting

Preparing For Painting

  1. Cover and protect all surfaces that will not be painted.
  2. Sand all doors and frames.
  3. Patch and fill all holes and cracks.
  4. If deep cracks exist they must be cut out in such a way that they resemble an inverted V.
  5. After the crack is cut out it must be cleaned thoroughly to remove dust and then soaked with water before any patching is done. (Soaking the old plaster with water prevents it from absorbing water from the new patch and causing crumbling).
  6. Sand all patched areas smooth and sand all walls and trim and vacuum up all dust.
  7. Spot prime as required.
  8. Re-stipple if needed.
  9. Apply Acrylic Latex caulking at any wood/drywall joints as required.
  10. Apply two coats of finishing paint (products to be determined according to finish required). Sand lightly between coats of paint for optimal results.
Pratt and Lambert Interior Latex Paint Our combination of proper preparation and top quality materials ensures a finish that will last for 8 – 10 years.