Metal Surface Painting

Proper surface preparation is essential for a top quality paint finish. Incomplete or improper surface preparation is the primary cause of coating failures. Dirt, grease, mechanical defects of all types and old paint in poor condition are just a few of the things that contribute to early paint failures.

Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer All metal surfaces must be clean and free of rust, mill scale, grease, oil, dirt and other foreign matter. All of these materials will effect the life of the paint job. Metal surfaces contain minute pores which provide “tooth” for the paint film. When these pores are filled with any foreign matter, the paint is unable to adhere to the surface. When rust is not properly removed it will continue under the paint until it eventually breaks through causing failure.

Our method for surface preparation guarantees a long lasting, high quality finish.

Industrial Metal Painting
  1. Removal of oil, grease, dirt, soil, salts and contaminants by cleaning with solvent, vapor, alkali, emulsion or steam.
  2. Removal of loose rust, mill scale and paint by hand chipping, scraping, sanding and wire brushing.
  3. For very corrosive areas, removal of all visible rust, mill scale, paint and foreign matter by blast cleaning.
  4. Prime all rusted metal.
  5. Apply two coats of finishing paint.
  6. Clean up and safely remove all garbage and materials.
All work is guaranteed under warranty for 2 years.