Parking & Auto Garage Painting

Our technique maximizes materials and minimizes labour.

Fast and efficient service guarantees the job will not effect the operation of the garage. Painting a garage of any size usually takes one day for preparation and one day to paint it. At Commercial Painting and Renovations Ltd. we use only the best quality exterior acrylic gloss latex paint which offers:

Ease of application – goes on well with excellent coverage using less labour to apply and uses less paint.
Durability – holds up well to through cleaning and lasts longer.
Safety – using gloss paint maximizes light reflection and brightens up the interior of the garage.

Our process is different for each surface:

  1. Scrape and remove all loose paint. Remove Old Paint
  2. High pressure wash all areas to be painted to remove oils, dust and dirt. High Pressure Wash
  3. Wash concrete with acid to remove soluble salts where present (i.e. effervescence). Safety Protection
  4. Cover total floor area and other unpainted surfaces to protect from paint overspray. Paint Cover
  5. Seal large cracks as required. Paint Knife
  6. Apply finish coats as required. Pratt and Lambert Paint
  7. Clean up and safely remove all garbage and materials. We Clean Up After painting
  1. Power grind/hand sand to remove rust from all pipes.
  2. Prime all rusted metal pipes with Pratt & Lambert Tech Guard High Performance Rust Inhibitor Primer #S5451.
  3. Apply finish coats to all pipes following the legal safety code colours. Pratt & Lambert Tech Guard Maintenance Gloss Enamel #S5450.

Saftey Red Safety Green Safety Yellow Safety Yellow (Caution Areas)

Safety RedSafety GreenSafety YellowSafety Yellow (Caution Areas)

Our combination of proper preparation and top quality materials ensures a finish that will last for 8 – 10 years.

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