Car Dealerships

Our company has painted both the exterior and interior of the Montreal Road and Hunt Club locations of Mark Motors, a prestigious Porsche and Audi dealership.

Mark Motors deals in top quality merchandise, and expects the best from all their suppliers. Painting the exterior was a particular challenge since the colour had to meet the exacting requirements from Porsche. There was also the added consideration of protecting the hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of premium cars on the lot from any overspray or damage.

Painting the interior of a busy auto repair garage also presents particular challenges, which we were able to deal with, much to our customer’s satisfaction. That meant taking special care with the delicate equipment in the garage to ensure its safety during the painting process. It also meant working outside their regular operating hours, so that their normal working day was uninterrupted. Finally, we met and exceeded their strict expectations in terms of quality of the finished product.

Here is what Michael Mark, owner of Mark Motors, had to say:
According to Les it looks great… I was there yesterday and it makes a big difference!
Michael Mark

In addition to Mark Motors, we also have Ogilvie Mercedes Benz, BMW, Subaru, Hunt Club Honda, and Hunt Club Volkswagen on our list of clients.

And another happy client, from a busy equipment rental garage:
Painting of the shop has been done. Very good job, looks awesome. I was impressed on how your team operated to get it done. I know it is not easy to do when there is constant activity going on, but they managed very well. Thanks.
M. Cadieux, Service Manager, United Rentals