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You can see our work all over Ottawa and the surrounding communities. The list of condominium buildings for which we have done painting work is extensive (numbering over 200), and we have also painted exteriors and interiors for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The Congress Centre, Algonquin College, the Ottawa Citizen, Amberwood Golf & Country Club, Place d'Orleans Shopping Centre. Car dealerships, restaurants, churches, hotels, government offices, warehouses. No matter the challenge, maintaining our focus on quality service, speed and minimal disruption keeps our clients coming back.   We started out as house painters (about 30 years ago), but soon learned that by focusing on great service and efficiency we could conquer the condominium market. By minimizing the hassle experienced by property managers during and after a paint job - doing our work with the least disturbance to the building's residents, in the least amount of time, with the highest standards of quality and tidiness - we ensured that our clients were well pleased with our work. We apply these same principles to every job we take on, whether it's a shopping mall or a living room wall, for a business owner or a homeowner.   

Our team, many of whom have worked with Commercial Painting & Renovations since we started business in the mid-80's, is able to handle every facet of exterior and interior work.


  • We do the best surface preparation in the business
  • We do all the necessary wood repairs and pay specific attention to the caulking elements
  • We pay as much attention to the clean-up as we do to the painting
  • We pride ourselves on having a spotless work site

We have staff who are full-time drywall artists, so you can be assured that cracks and holes will be patched to perfection and any stipple work will be smooth and seamless.

We won't go so far as to call ourselves decorators, but we can tell you that we've seen the inside of hundreds of living spaces - houses, apartments, townhomes and condos - both before and after we undertake a painting job. We can tell you that choosing the right colours and shades creates warmth, and reflects a person's personality and lifestyle. Wall colours need to flow from room to room; they need to work in daylight and artifical light. They need to be of superior quality, and they need to be applied with quality workmanship and attention to detail. By all means, take your time choosing the perfect shade for each room in your house. And then make sure you choose the right painting contractor to ensure your delight in the outcome. With proper preparation and top quality materials, an interior paint finish will last for 8 to 10 years. The process starts with protecting all the things that you don't want painted. The next steps are all related to preparing the surface: sanding, patching, stippling, more sanding, priming, caulking. Applying the first coat of finish paint is next followed by another light sanding and a second coat of high quality paint.  Commercial painting is not markedly different from painting someone's home. Other than the scale of the task, and the extra organizational skills required to keep it running smoothly, at the core of it we simply have a customer who needs a job done well and on time in a way that does not disrupt the normal everyday events that go on at the location in question. Whether that location is a shopping mall such as St. Laurent Shopping Centre or Carlingwood Mall, or a condominium building, or a family home, we set out a timeline that works for the customer, arrange to have all the materials and labour available when needed and ensure that the job site is always tidy and safe.   

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We work for many businesses of varying sizes, and individual homeowners. Whether we're painting the exterior of a nuclear reactor (yes, we've done this!), dozens of condos inside & out, or the interior of your home, our approach is the same: determine your needs, and customize our time-tested procedures and expertise to meet those needs.

We schedule our work at your convenience, to be minimally disruptive to your ongoing activities, and ensure that the site is cleaned up every day (or night) when we leave. You'll see in our clients' testimonials that we have the utmost respect for your time and your property.

Simply finishing a quality commercial painting job is not enough. Given enough time, any painter can manage to get the job done. What is equally as important as the result is the process. A good contractor will work to tight deadlines and budgets. A great one will be minimally distruptive to the client's ongoing business, completing the task without inconveniencing the client, his personnel or his customers. And it will be done at competitive prices, with a four-year warranty on exterior work.   If you take a few moments to read through some of the comments our customers have written to us after we've completed a painting job for them, you will notice that there are some recurring themes. Of course, we hear the phrases "great job" and "pleased" often, but it's the comments about our staff that mean the most: words like professional, polite, helpful, attentive, respectful, even impressive! It's no surprise to us, since we know we have brought together a great team of capable and skilled professionals who are trusted by property managers and business owners all around Ottawa. And it certainly explains the amount of repeat business we earn.  

We have grown our business by providing expert painting workmanship in a timely manner and without inconvenience or disruption to our customer's daily activities. The job is not done until the work site is spotless and the customer has conveyed their approval. It is this level of service - exceeding our customers' expectations by the actions and attitude of our team - that has earned us the reputation of which we are fiercely proud.

Painting a concrete or stucco exterior requires special attention to preparation, and to applying the correct paint at the right time. The greatest enemy to a successful finished product is moisture, either during the painting process or in the years following, particularly in the harsh Ottawa climate. Other factors such as careless application or poor ventilation can have a detrimental impact on how well the new paint wears. We have decades of experience in dealing with the challenges of this type of exterior painting work. Call us for an estimate on your next job.

One of our most interesting and challenging commercial projects has been painting the exterior and interior of Mark Motors (both their Montreal Road and Hunt Club locations). This prestigious car dealership, quite understandably, has high expectations for all of their suppliers. As Porsche and Audi dealers selling top quality products, they demand nothing but the best from those whose work influences the image they project to their clients. Working in their busy equipment-filled garage meant not only finding the means to ensure its safety but also scheduling around normal business hours. But the most significant challenge was protecting the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of car inventory from overspray or incidental damage. Needless to say, we are pleased to report that our team performed exceptionally well, finished on time and exceeded the client's expectations.  We describe our painting technique as maximizing materials and minimizing labour. What we mean by this statement is that we insist on using the highest quality products, appropriate to the requirements and conditions of the painting job, for a long-lasting well-wearing finish. These products enable us to minimize labour by virtue of their ease of application and excellent coverage. We get the job done right the first time with as little disruption as possible to your ongoing activities. The combination adds up to fast and efficient service, and satisifed, repeat customers. In fact, we offer a four-year warranty on our exterior work.   

Call us at 613-748-5994 for an estimate on your commercial or residential painting project in Ottawa, or complete our contact form and we'll get in touch with you.

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